Polish-Russian Free2choose-Create

Project “Polish-Russian Free2choose-create”



The Polish-Russian Free2choose-create Project aims to develop video clips, based on the concept of ‘Free2choose’, which address current social dilemmas in Poland and Russia, for 20 students from secondary schools and universities in both countries. The participants will be prepared for their task during an exchange programme that will take place in both countries. The same participants will partake in both seminars. During the programme they will be introduced to the subject of human rights (more specifically: the civil and political rights) and they will get familiar with ‘Free2choose’. Based on this input they will make film clips dealing with local dilemmas related to human rights. The participants will use the new film clips for a series of debates/discussions in high schools and universities.


Additionally a teacher training seminar will take place in both countries. These seminars are intended to help teachers prepare the participants of the exchange programme (who will act as peer trainers) and staff from the partner organisations to visit their classrooms and lead a discussion/debate about the films they produced. There will also be a mini-conference at the end of the project for the facilitators of the debates and teachers.

All activities will take place between March 2013 and June 2014 (fifteen months).



The project consists of:

a. 2 youth exchanges (2 x 10 participants)

b. the creation of 6 short human rights-related films with accompanying manuals

c. two teacher seminar (one in Poland, one in Russia)

d. 40 discussions/debates in schools/ universities in Russia and Poland organised by participants

e. a mini-conference focused on dissemination.


It is required that the participants of the exchange programme are:

1. Aged between 18 and 22

2. Involved in human rights work (for instance as volunteers of NGOs, for instance as guides to the Anne Frank exhibition)

3. Capable of communication in English

4. Mixed in terms of ethnicity, religion and background

It is recommended that the participants:

1. Have some knowledge of Polish (for the Russian participants) or Russian (for the

Polish participants)

2. Have some experience in making/editing films

3. Can have a longer term commitment to the project